National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎)

National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎)

Congratulations to the Advanced Computation Laboratory team, in the event of the National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎) , for receiving the best team award in the social-economic development group. This award is the highest award in agricultural science.
The team has spent 4 years in developing the Next-generation oceanic system — DeepSea 9, for monitoring and regulating overseas fisheries. This system operates in real-time and has semi-intelligence to identify illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing activities. With the success of this system, Taiwan has the bargain to acknowledge the European Commission to lift the `yellow card’ warning, issued on 2015/10. With the conjunction in regulations and legal reform, the yellow card was lifted in 2019/6.
This system is now evolving into its 2nd stage, which will contain early warning and fishing operation prediction capabilities.

行政院農業委員會- 首屆國家農業科學獎頒獎:
第一屆國家農業科學獎獎落誰家? – YouTube:

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