Introduction to Competitive Programming

Textbook: Steven Halim, Competitive Programming, 3rd Edition, ASIN: B00FG8MNN8.
Course Number: B570224N
Class Hours: Monday 6:30 PM~9:30 PM
Classroom: INS301
Credits: 3
Teaching Assistant:
黃爾群: (實習課主任助教,競程主任助教)
翁明偉: (正課主任助教)
柯欣辰: (大學部助教)
校內分機: 6636


  • You will need to apply an account at, where all the sessions will take place.
  • The practice sessions will be done on the local network.

Course Materials


  • For fun. 2016 NCPC Prelimary contest problem.
  • For fun. 2017 NCPC Prelimary contest problem.
  • For fun. 2018 NCPC Prelimary contest problem.

Supplementary Materials

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