Can satellite systems increase our capability? Application of the CubeSat sentries to boost the intelligence of the DeepSea 9 fisheries monitoring system

The size overseas fisheries fleet of Taiwan ranks second in the world. Following the development of the DeepSea 9 (DS9), which is installed and operating at the Fisheries Monitoring Control (FMC) center at the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture of Taiwan, overseas fisheries monitoring system has helped in preventing illegal, unreported, and unregulated using remote sensing means. Hence, the European Commission has lifted the yellow card warning in recognizing the progress that Taiwan made.

However, DS9 still lacks eyes that CubeSats can provide. First, CubeSats can provide realtime images when it travels in the orbit and can be layered on DS9 to confirm fishing activities legitimacy. Second, CubeSats with sensors can detect climate and biological indices, i.e., ocean temperature and chlorophyll, to assist DS9 in predicting potential fishing grounds. Third, by continually monitoring the global weather, CubeSat can enhance DS9’s early warning system by providing weather data in much more detail and prompt manner. Last, as the global fisheries society and the regional fisheries management organizations are working on laws to enforce electronic monitoring systems onboard, relaying the information back to the DeepSea 9 is very costly by purchasing communication channels from other systems. For these systems to work, we need larger channels and bandwidths to transmit images captured by the electronic monitoring systems. With the installments of these capabilities in CubeSats, it can serve as an active sentry for the DS9 system in helping the management of Taiwan’s overseas fishery industry, which travels in every ocean around the world.

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