Partnership with WorldFish

Our lab is happy to make an official announcement on our partnership with the WorldFish (, which leads the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-food Systems of CGIAR Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers. We will be collaborating in developing new systems to support and analyze small scale fisheries (SSF) on a vast scale, just like the Taiwan voyage data recorder (VDR) bigdata project.

To satisfy our all-rounding missions, we will be adjusting the way we recruit new data scientists. The original DSSTP (data science seed talent program), usually starts from the 1st year of undergraduate studies will be canceled for the first time after 4 years of execution. Replacing programs will include:

  1. Part-time research assistants (which may not switch to the undergraduate special project track that requires another review). These researchers will work with their respective supervisors and is paid by per case completed.
  2. Undergraduate special project track students can apply anytime but with the following requirements. For the 1st year of undergraduate, you must have a score of 2 or above in Collegiate Programming Examination (CPE) or at least an honorable mention at the National Computer Programming Contest (NCPC ) in either group (programming, application). For 2nd year undergraduate and above (including graduates), you must have a score of 3 or above in CPE. Upon acceptance, you will receive scholarships to cover your tuition and extra bonuses for completing assigned tasks.
  3. Full-time research assistants require a major either in fields related to marine science or computer science. Case-by-case reviews are conducted for each applicant.

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