Managing and analyzing the voyage data recorder database system

Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) has been used for recording and computing vessel operations since 2007. This VDR device has become an essential
basis for fishery policymakers and fishery researchers to make further studies in understanding fishing activities and marine resources in our
country. This project contains four objectives as follows. First, importing and cleaning raw VDR data into databases, daily and regional queries on vessel activities is possible. In addition, plotting statistic information onto geographic information systems will be refined. Second, we redesign and apply big data technology to aggregate VDR and VMS to produce value. Third, we will design algorithms to enhance automatic fishing hotspot detection and automatically cluster similar trajectories, which can be used in fisheries management in the future. Last, we will develop a system to produce and plot vessel activities on demand.

Project funded by the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan under grant 107AS-9.2.3-FA-F1(4)

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