Implementation and integration of a micro intelligent fisheries activity assistant system

This research project will focus on developing and designing i-Fish prototype, a micro fisheries activity assistant system capable of integrating digital crew declaration systems, emergency distress calls, and trajectory recording. The microdevice used to deploy i-Fish has enough computational powers to achieve the above tasks and can integrate with external modules, i.e., GSM transmitter and receivers, GPS receivers, and external storage. Microdevices require much less energy than regular computers and can be activated using mobile power banks, which makes it suitable to carry on fishing rafts and sampans which do not have a stable source of electric power. The development of the software will also take account of using operations that consume less power to lengthen the operation time of i-Fish. The current development stage will use the 4G mobile network to relay information and will be field-tested by going outside and on to the seas. A central data processing unit that can receive, store, process, and integrate the data sent by i-Fish will be established at the fisheries data center. Finally, research and experiments will be done to evaluate the capability of i-Fish integration with the AIS system.

Project funded by the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan under grant 107AS-9.2.4-FA-F3.

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