We are recruiting all levels of researchers including Ph.D. degree, master’s degree, and undergraduate level. Our team is looking for people interested in developing:

  1. Visualizing techniques for ultra-big data.
  2. Weather and environmental data aggregation methodologies.
  3. Remote sensing and data processing algorithms.
  4. Large-scale system development.

If interested in the above topics, big data analysis (in marine science), and other marine science branches and is fully dedicated, we can arrange for a talk. To join our research group, you must:

  1. Like and enjoy programming. A score of 3 problems must be achieved for freshmen level (1st year in college) and a score of 4 problems and above must be achieved for higher grade students in CPE (Collegiate programming examination). Alternative examination, the APCS exam can also be accepted for a score of 4+ in programming.
  2. A love for environmental science and device + algorithm development.
  3. Provide some materials of what you have done or are capable of doing. (Curriculum vitae, project reports, and transcripts)
  4. Any letter or notes of references would be great. (Optional, but a big PLUS)

Please write to the PI of this group (which of course, is me) for an appointment. (Last update: 2019/9/20)

Group Meeting: 6:30PM~9:30PM, Tuesday (Open with prior appointments only!)

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