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Partnership with the Global Fishing Watch

Our lab is honored to announce a global alliance with the Global Fishing Watch (, collaborating on developing methods on detecting and identifying illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishery with the arts of computer science.    This year we will be working on with detection

National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎)

National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎) Congratulations to the Advanced Computation Laboratory team, in the event of the National Agricultural Science Award (國家農業科學獎) , for receiving the best team award in the social-economic development group. This award is the highest award in agricultural science. The team

2020 年招募 (Recruiting)

2020年團隊招募 (2020/4/16日更新) 先進計算實驗室 (Advanced Computation Laboratory)今年度目標將持續發展遙測科技、資源評估演算法、與視覺化系統。同時間與國外非政府組織(NGO)合作進行偵測非法、未報告及未受規範漁業(IUU)活動之研究。團隊需要資料科學專才人員,包含前台視覺化、後臺資料分析、以及理論與演算法設計人員。人員缺額如下: 兼任臨時研究助理(工讀生) 1-2名 大學部專題生 108年入學: 2名 107年入學: 1名 106年入學: 原則上不收, 除非對於海洋資訊科學有強烈興趣 碩士班或博士班研究生 1名 第2,3項, 申請之必要門檻為(擇一): 曾獲得教育部大學程式設計競賽佳作以上. 大學程式能力檢定(CPE)答對題數, 大一: 2題以上, 大二以上: 3題以上 修過程試競賽技巧導論, 達85分以上者. APCS觀念4級分且實作200/400(3.5級分)以上. 獲得相關領域老師之特別推薦(需推薦函/證明文件). 請備妥證明文件以及個人簡歷寄至實驗室PI許老師:   Hits: 415

Constructing a next generation oceanic information system

Lab director’s talk @ WorldFish, Penang, Malaysia headquarter.  (2019/8/1) Taiwan is an island with a thriving fishing industry. Prior to the year 2015, fisheries systems in Taiwan, apart from being outdated, are dispersed across different administrative groups making management and data verification very time-consuming. This

Partnership with WorldFish

Our lab is happy to make an official announcement on our partnership with the WorldFish (, which leads the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-food Systems of CGIAR Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers. We will be collaborating in developing new systems to support and